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Proposed Greenore-Greencastle Vehicle Ferry

A private company, Carlingford Lough Car Ferry Ltd, are in the planning stages for a Passenger & Vehicle Ferry crossing between Greencastle, Co. Down and Greenore, Co.Louth.

At a meeting of the Greencastle Area Residents Group (G.A.R.G) on Friday 14 October 2011 a sounding was taken from those present regarding their views on the proposed ferry. The views expressed were resoundingly opposed to the ferry – 90% opposed the introduction of the ferry.

The objections are based upon the following:



  • ENVIRONMEMT – pollution from the ferry, road traffic and service vehicles
  • WILDLIFE – harmful effect on natural habitats both along the road and at sea
  • COAST – Industrialisation of Greencastle shoreline & accelerated coastal erosion
  • ROAD SYSTEM AND TRAFFIC – Huge additional traffic volumes (up to 1000 cars per day)
  • QUALITY OF RURAL LIFE – no more peace & tranquility
  • FARMING – movement of dairy herds (and other farming activity) on the road will be restricted
  • NOISE – noise pollution
  • PROPERTY VALUES – Reduction of property values along the main route to the ferry
  • SAFETY (ROAD) – Danger to pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and livestock by increased traffic volumes
  • SAFETY (AT SEA) – Dangers of operating a car ferry across a busy shipping route & across a difficult to navigate lough
  • TOURISM- people will be discouraged from visiting and enjoying the area due to traffic/spoiled views/noise and so on
  • SUSTAINABILITY- a high risk venture which, if it fails, will leave an unsightly concrete structure and could lead to the infrastructure being used for commercial purposes

The Greencastle Area Residents Group is planning a campaign to preserve Greencastle and its natural beauty and to oppose the introduction of the proposed ferry. See our objections for more details. Your support is greatly appreciated.


The Hamlet of Greencastle:
Greencastle is situated on the northern shore of Carlingford Lough, at the foot of the Mournes; within an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ (AONB).

International and National Designations illustrate its environmental importance.

The Ferry Project:

  • A vehicle ferry with capacity for 40-50 cars and/or lorry/bus equivalents.
  • 1/2 hourly sailing in each direction – Greenore/Greencastle; during the ‘tourist season’ 14 hours per day.
  • The structures required at Greencastle:
    • Widening the Pier Road (a cul-de-sac of 1.7 miles) to 5.5m with lm verges each side. (Present width is between 2.8 to 4.8m).
    • A slip-way, 150m long and 18m wide extending from the shore into the sea.
    • A toilet block.
  • We have sent out a Survey of Support & Suggestions to all residents of the Greencastle Pier Road and Fair Road.
    Please fill in and send or email to address at the bottom of the form.
    Those who are not residents of the area are welcome to fill in the form but must include their address also.

Survey of Support & Suggestions – Jan 2012

Mailing List Form – Jan 2012

Planning submitted for Ferry Development on Southern Side

Frazer Ferries have submitted planning with Louth County Council – Application No: 13241. Application was submitted on the 14th June, with Pre-Validation due on or before the 8th August 2013 for the development at Greenore Point, Shore Road, Greenore, County Louth.
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Call for Coastline to be protected

With Carlingford Ferries Limited due to submit planning for the development of a Ferry service between Greencastle, Co Down and Greenore, Co Louth in the coming weeks, the Chairperson of the Greencastle Area Residents Group has questioned the impact such a development will have on the wider Greencastle Area and on its unspoilt coastline.
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Concerns about road proposals which Carlingford Ferries Limited have proposed for Greencastle Pier Road

Residents living along Greencastle’s Pier Road have raised concerns about road proposals which Carlingford Ferries Limited have proposed if the development of a ferry service between Greencastle and Greenore goes ahead.
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MP Margaret Richie Meets with Greencastle Residents over concerns of proposed Ferry Development

Greencastle residents had an opportunity on Saturday 1st June to make clear their opposition to plans to build a car ferry terminal in Greencastle. Welcoming MP Margaret Richie to Greencastle, the committee of Greencastle Area Residents Group were able to give an update on the outcomes of the public meeting hosted by the group which the ferry developer attended.
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Good attendance at Open Meeting

Greencastle Area Residents Group held on Open meeting on 22nd February 2013 in relation to the proposed Ferry development between Greencastle and Greenore, Co Louth. In total approximately 100 to 120 people attended the meeting to hear an update about the proposed development from the developers Carlingford Ferries.
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UTV Visit Greencastle – Report on Ferry Development

UTV visited Greencastle on Thursday 3rd Jan 2013 and the following report went out on UTV Live on Friday the 4th Jan.
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Statement from GARG in relation to recent media reports

Please see below a response from GARG Chairperson Diarmuid Cahill in relation to media reports which appeared in Newspapers on Thursday 26th December 2012 on the potential ferry development between Greencastle Co Down and Greenore Co Louth by Carlingford Ferries
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