What is GARG?
Greencastle Area (including Benagh, Cranfield, Dunavil, Grange, Lurganconary and Millbay) Residents’ Group. A Community organisation that is reliant solely on volunteers.

What is our Aim?
Our aim is to protect the Greencastle area, both the people and our environment, to improve on what we have as resources and to promote and share our assets to the wider public..

How do we do this?
We do this is through strength in our membership. Working together we can make improvements to our lives here, whether it is making our internet faster or holding a farming festival – we can do it, together. We have so much potential here but need a common ground to communicate with each other and to understand each other’s needs better.

How does it work?
Working at the helm is Christine Gibson (Chair), Eileen Sloan (Vice Chair) and Daiva Shepcar (Treasurer). We are lucky to have another seven ordinary (a term used in Committees) members of the Committee. Together, we will represent you at regular meetings and work with our to make things happen.

How can I be involved?
You can join as a non-committee member by filling out a membership form if you haven’t already done so. If you would like a form please private message here and we will arrange for one to be delivered to you. Our annual nominal fee is only £5 per individual for the year or £10 for the family. This is used to cover admin and in setting up events and activities or campaigns.
If you would like to join please private message here and we will arrange forms to be delivered to your door.

What’s in it for me?
Being a member means you will be kept informed of progress, have your opinions, concerns and ideas represented at our committee meetings. From improving our mobile phone networks to the bigger roads issues, this is how we can work together to make things happen! You might even make more friends and have fun in the process!

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