┬áThe Applicant, on the request of Road Services, has submitted new plans outlining their proposed “upgrade”.
Some of the noteworthy points:

  1. Pro…perty owned by residents has been earmarked for the road boundary (no sale or permission granted)
  2. 39 times the Applicant was proven to over estimate the road width in the last plans. The current plan shows the same measurements.
  3. The Fair road is so faint we could hardly see it – no improvements marked here!
  4. The junction with Benagh Road has no improvements outlined.
  5. 26 widths are less than 5m!
  6. No footpaths or cycle paths included
  7. They have changed their minds on laybys! – They’ve disappeared from the plans! Perhaps because Roads Service requested footpaths where the laybys were located?

The road will not be safe for drivers, walkers, cyclists and horseriders. Making some parts of the road slightly wider will not make it safe with the additional two-way predicted traffic. Your thoughts?

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