GARG respond to DOE approvial to Ferry Project

In light of the recent news that the DoE has approved the application for the Carlingford Ferry Project to be consolidated at Greencastle, we must reiterate our intention to protect Greencastle and its surrounding areas. If this proposal does go ahead as per the plans submitted to date, the ‘five-layby solution’ will bring with it: a high risk of road accidents; a decrease in number of visitors to our castle and beaches; an increase in traffic leading to delays, congestion and pollution; an irrevocable ruined landscape to be forgotten and no longer used for the film industry, and let us not forget about the whole business case – we the public, and every reader of this paper will be subsidising the ferry project just as we do for every other ferry venture in Northern Ireland. Is Greencastle as a tourist destination to be compromised for the increase in roll-on-roll-off commercial plans that are proposed for Greenore?

“We have carried out our own road survey and, in line with Transport NI, agree that the Applicant has totally ignored the gravity and potentially fatal implications of their ‘five-layby solution’ and ignored the minimum standard for road widths for the entire length of the Pier Road, their consultants, RPS have yet to approach landowners to ensure the whole road is indeed widened.  They have ignored the drainage systems, telegraph pole sites and all those residents whose houses and property lie on the roadside verges.

This is not the end for our Greencastle KIG (Keep it Green) campaign – this is where we build on existing public support and ensure that our voice is heard across Northern Ireland, the UK and beyond.”

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